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    Do You Feel Like You’re Drowning In Stress And Anxiety?

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    Are you so overwhelmed with everything in your life that it feels like you’re wearing a weight on your chest? Do you sacrifice your work-life balance and put a lot of pressure on yourself to perform because it always feels like you’re falling behind or not doing enough?

    Perhaps you self-sabotage your career or relationships because you’re worried about failing, being rejected, or not being “good enough.”

    Or maybe you isolate yourself from others because no one understands what you’re going through, and you’re hoping anxiety therapy can give you an ally who does.

    Anxiety Symptoms Can Manifest In Profoundly Different Ways

    On the surface, you may put on a good face, but underneath, you’re swimming in a sea of stress, self-doubt, and constant worry. At times, you probably feel like your heart is racing, and you often struggle with sleep problems, muscle tension, or headaches.

    You may spend so much energy preparing for the worst to happen that you can never really relax or be spontaneous, so it feels like you’re missing out on life. And when you’re not worrying, you likely find yourself stuck in a self-deprecating loop where it feels like people are judging you, so you don’t go into public or engage with anyone—even family.

    Anxiety can make you feel like you’re drowning in emotions, but change is possible. Working with one of our therapists at A Helping Hand Counseling Services can offer you insight into the origins of your anxiety, giving you the power to heal, feel calmer, and finally enjoy life.

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    Life Is Full Of Stressors That Can Contribute To Anxiety

    Everyone eventually has an experience that causes anxiety—even feelings of panic. However, when these emotions are so overwhelming that they become the driving force in a person’s life, the effect can be devastating. Currently, over 42 million US adults report symptoms that fit the criteria for an anxiety disorder, yet less than half of those individuals ever receive treatment.

    Part of the explanation for that is the same reason why anxiety is so prevalent in the first place: We’re immersed in a highly competitive, fast-paced culture that values productivity, achievements, and success beyond all else. As a result, we compare ourselves to others, sacrifice essential work-life balance, and bend to the will of other people’s expectations.

    Other Factors Can Also Contribute To Anxiety

    Finances, relationship problems, global events, and even the consumption of certain news topics can stoke fear and uncertainty. Members of the LGBTQ community feel targeted. Women’s bodies are under attack. Racism, sexism, and homophobia permeate our politics. And nearly everyone wonders if they are simply “good enough.”

    All of these factors fuel stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, most people avoid counseling because they hope that their anxiety is just a phase or because they feel uncomfortable about opening up. However, therapy gives you a safe, caring space to work through your experiences, heal the core of the issue causing anxiety, and build healthy coping mechanisms you can use throughout your life.

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    Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Lighten The Burden

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    If you’re like many people living with anxiety, you probably feel like you have to “power through” this experience on your own. But therapy is a place where you can let your guard down, talk about what’s going on, and finally get some of the weight off your chest.

    Working with a counselor gives you a chance to better understand the roots of your anxiety and what triggers symptoms while helping you build healthier and more effective coping skills. All of the fear, self-doubt, and worry—you can bring it here, and we’ll help you work through your pain and find a way toward a life in which you feel safe, confident, and at peace.

    How Do Anxiety Therapy Sessions Work?

    First, we offer both online and in-person anxiety counseling services, so we can meet virtually or face-to-face, whichever is more comfortable and convenient for you. After a free, 15-minute phone consultation, we can schedule our first session together to begin exploring your experience with anxiety. Rather than merely treating surface symptoms, we want to get to the core of the issue.

    That requires breaking down the therapeutic process into pieces that are more digestible—blocks of time in which we can dedicate our focus to one thing instead of jumping around. For instance, if we are exploring your child years or relationships and discover trauma, we’ll work on reconciling that before moving on so we’re not fighting battles on multiple fronts.

    We can also look at the meaning of your symptoms, identify the purpose of your previous coping mechanisms, and repurpose those skills in a healthy way. Our goal is to collaborate with you to create an organic treatment strategy for overcoming anxiety and experiencing a lighter, more fulfilling life.

    What Is Our Approach To Anxiety Counseling?

    A Helping Hand Counseling Services understands that everyone heals differently, so our anxiety disorder specialists utilize an integrative approach to therapy that draws from various modalities. Our primary tool is psychoanalytic/psychotherapeutic talk therapy, which allows us to explore the cause of anxiety and how a person can uniquely grow from that.

    We use experiential strategies that enable us to “read” the physical manifestations of anxiety in a client’s body as they share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT for anxiety help reframe negative thought patterns. Aspects of Sand Tray Art for anxiety facilitate deep exploration and discussion. And homework between sessions helps clients track their progress, log problems they want to tackle, and practice skills they learned in session.

    So whether you’re coping with overwhelming stress, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, or any other related issue, anxiety treatment can help. With support and guidance, you can wake up feeling good about the day knowing you don’t have to carry a weight on your chest any longer. You can heal the core of your anxiety and finally begin living with a greater sense of lightness, peace, and satisfaction.

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    Perhaps You’re Considering Anxiety Counseling But Still Have Some Concerns…

    I find it difficult to leave my home. What options are available to me?

    All of our anxiety therapy services are offered both online and in person, giving you the option to meet from your home or wherever you feel most comfortable. Meeting in person allows us to utilize some of our experiential skills to translate physical cues that come up during sessions. So ideally, we’d like to work toward getting you into the office at some point. However, until that time, you’re absolutely welcome to meet online.

    I’ve been through anxiety therapy before and couldn’t open up. How would this be different?

    We see therapy as a collaborative relationship that requires a mutual sense of trust and safety, which is why we spend time with clients just getting to know them. We want to help you feel comfortable enough that sharing your story becomes natural. There’s no judgment, no shame, and no pressure here—only room to breathe. Even if you just need space for silence, we’ll sit with you through that too.

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    How many sessions does anxiety treatment typically take?

    Anxiety can be complex, and each person’s experience is different, so the length of treatment varies. Depending on your situation and personal dynamics, you may require only a few sessions. Or you may have more profound challenges that require deeper examination and attention. We realize you know yourself and your needs better than anyone, so we’ll never lock you into any kind of commitment.

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    Let Us Help Take Some Of The Weight Off Of Your Chest

    If you’re stressed out, frustrated, and done with anxiety controlling your life, therapy can help you find some relief. Please call (720) 830-7786 or contact us  for your free, 15-minute consultation to see how our online and in-person counseling services can help you feel lighter, calmer, and more in control of your life.